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So you would like me to tell you what these stories are all about? Well, in keeping with the true nature of the stories, I cannot!, not even a hint. Some of the comments I have received are: OMG!, What an ending, it was not what I expected!, I was half way through the first story and I still could not figure out what was going on!, WOW!, Holy smokes Linda you are a children’s picture book writer!, That story and ending crushed it! and so on. So if you like horror, macabre, murder and something a little different than the norm… will like them.

"This story is about a famous restaurateur who retires and wants to open a new smaller version of his restaurants in a smaller town. He finds the perfect little town and opens up a new smaller restaurant. In 4 years time this little town becomes a ghost town and a legend."

“ He had done this many times. As he sat contemplating where he would find his next victim, he watched the tree limbs dancing wickedly in the shadows of the street lights. They were running down the sidewalk and up the hood of his car. Their fallen dancers were blowing everywhere and making piles he was sure children would be jumping into and parents would eventually have to rake up.”

“ A small quiet town was what he had been looking for, somewhere just small enough to be quaint, yet not too far from a city. He loved the idea of stepping out his front door in the dark of the evening and listen to the crickets chattering amongst themselves and looking up at the sky to watch the twinkling of the stars against the dark shroud of the night.”

“ Living in the orphanage most of her young life, she knew nothing better. She was a pretty little girl with brown hair and some lighter natural highlights. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green, she had fair skin and a slender build. She could never get anyone to tell her how she came about living at the orphanage and who her parents were. When she turned nine years old, the Mother Superior told her she had been dropped off by a supposed aunt. Her Aunt told them her parents had been killed, and she could no longer care for her. She was three years old and her last name was Santoro.”

“ Looking directly into her eyes, he told her he was shocked and would need some time to digest all this. He loved her deeply, but as he gasped for air, he told her it would take some time to process. It took him four days to speak with her again, and she had started planning how she would leave him. She tried to put herself in his position and realized just how much she must have hurt him. That is something she never wanted to do to him. Taking her in his arms, he explained to her that no matter how he tried to work around her need, he came up with the fact that he loved her so deeply and ultimately he would have to accept who she was.“


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